Filmmaker James DeMonaco Used Amendment 18 As A Film Location

Director James DeMonaco is no stranger to Staten Island or Amendment 18 & Edgewater Hall. The director of the upcoming film ‘The Night’ was recently spotted shooting with stars Naiomi Watts and Frank Grillo at the throwback speakeasy bar and catering hall, respectively.

DeMonaco is best known for directing the ‘Purge’ series of films, as well as the Ethan Hawke film ‘Staten Island.’ His latest film, originally thought to be called ‘Once Upon a Time in Staten Island’, is set during the backdrop of the 1980s in the forgotten borough and is being produced by hot-streak Horror company Blumhouse; the production company behind ‘Get Out.’

Disco lights and multi-colored mood lighting adorned Amendment 18 this past month, as the skilled director and his team transformed the prohibition-era decor and speakeasy gleam of the interior into a chic and seductive drag bar ripped straight from the underground scene of 80s New York City.

Colorful lamps and a day-glo jukebox sat side by side evokes the glitz and glamour of a time gone by, while the upstairs areas of Edgewater Hall bustle with extras getting done up and primed to perfection. It’s a testament to how versatile Edgewater Hall and  Amendment 18 are that one look inside and you’d never know that, as recently as a few hours before, it was 100 percent 1920s style and is now fully basking in the 80s.

Over the years, everyone from big time filmmakers to music video directors have utilized this space. The secluded locale and brick wall interior of Amendment 18 is perfect for dressing up and playing host for a variety of different styles. Edgewater Hall is similarly fit to be customized. While Amendment 18 is great for dark sets looking to create a specific type of ambiance, Edgewater Hall has more than enough space to provide a deep range of shooting styles, set design, and production space.

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Amendment 18 Bar & Grill

Amendment 18’s decor and dining options will transport you back in time to the era of prohibition. This Staten Island “Speakeasy” features menu items inspired by the food and drink in the 1920s.

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